Expert Fire Door Surveys for Student Accommodation

Manchester Metropolitan University

Fire door surveys and inspections are essential to ensuring all fire regulations are met. This is why they are one of the key fire compartmentation services offered at Adaston. With fire doors playing an essential role in effective fire protection, you need a survey regularly in order to ensure they’re in good working order. If a fire door isn’t functioning correctly, you risk breaching your passive fire protection system and putting people at unnecessary risk.

The expert team at Adaston were recently selected as the fire door specialists to undertake a comprehensive fire door survey of the Manchester Metropolitan University’s multi-storey accommodation blocks, some of which were up to 15 levels. As an independent third-party accredited contractor, we assessed all fire doors across their student accommodation for functionality and compliance.

Key Points of Interests

  • Key Point Icon Adaston has extensive experience working within the education and residential sector and therefore understands how to manage the unique challenges these settings bring.
  • Key Point Icon As an trusted fire door specialist with ICF accreditation, we were commissioned to survey the fire doors across Manchester Met University student accommodation to ensure functionality and compliance
  • Key Point Icon Our team worked within a live environment for the duration, carefully managing the safety of all those on site throughout completion the work
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The Importance of Fire Door Compliance

A fire door survey will check that your building’s fire doors are compliant. The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which came into force on 23 January 2023 requires regular checks to ensure that all fire doors are working correctly. It is a legal requirement to ensure that they are adequately maintained to be fit for purpose.

As well as ensuring compliance, ultimately the goal of fire door surveys is to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors to university accommodation. BS9999 (British Standards Institution) recommends a fire door inspection every six months as a general guide. If fire doors are in a high-traffic area such as a university campus, they are likely to be used more frequently and as such it is advisable that they are checked more regularly.

Importantly, we would like to highlight that Adaston’s work on campus is not because the university has any fire safety issues. Rather it asserts the university’s commitment to maintaining high standards of fire safety and the protection of all students.

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Unique Challenges and Solutions

Every project brings its own unique challenges but Adaston’s experience ensures that these are always met with solutions. In this project, we were working to technical requirements within a live environment. This meant that our qualified and experienced installation team were working in buildings that were occupied and operational.

To meet these demands, Adaston needed to have excellent lines of communication to make sure the surveys went as planned without causing disruption. Naturally this meant being flexible, amenable and adapting when changes occurred. To do this, we created a programme which minimised disruption to students’ lives, ensured appropriate security and delivered on our agreed deadlines.

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Fire Door Surveys

Adaston are third party accredited through the IFC scheme to undertake surveys, carry out remedial work and install new fire doors and frames. Our skilled team is highly experienced at working on all types of fire rated doors in higher education settings, schools and student accommodation, like those at Manchester Metropolitan University.

With years of nationwide experience surveying across education and residential sectors, including universities and multi-storey student accommodation, you can trust Adaston to offer bespoke high-quality fire door surveys. Contact us today to arrange your essential inspection so that you too can remain legally compliant and rest assured that your students stay safe.

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