Steel Fire Doors

Steel fire doors are used for fire compartmentation in more abrasive environments and secure areas where a higher fire rating is required. They adhere to FD240 requirements, meaning they offer up to 4 hours of guaranteed fire resistance, which is longer than wooden fire doors are able to withstand.

You may want to opt for a steel fire rated door if it also needs to act as a security door in a high-risk building, such as commercial premises.

Steel Fire Door Suppliers

As steel fire door suppliers, we work with you on a bespoke solution for your passive fire protection needs. Any metal fire door and frame provided by us is fully compliant with the relevant fire door regulations required by UK law. Ultimately, steel doors are a fundamental part of the compartmentation system and are designed to save lives and protect property.

Depending on the location of the door, you may need a steel fire rated door or a steel fire exit door. While both are integral to the evacuation route, fire exit doors are the last part of the chain leading to the exterior of the building, so they face different regulations to fire rated doors.

Our role is to identify areas where steel fire doors are required and ensure your building remains safe and compliant with all necessary legislation. Contact us today for tailored advice.

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Our Process

Steps line


Scope of works and deliverables agreed • Full fire strategy of the building provided by the client • Deadlines and timetable agreed, including any out of hours work required



Work as agreed in the scope is coordinated and performed • This will be delivered by our in house firestopping team accredited by IFC and cleared and insured



Finalise and issue our tailored report detailing findings from the scope of works • Adaston advise on next steps if required and provide continued support