Structural Steel Fire Protection

Adaston combines the latest technology of structural steel fire protection with experience and a dedication to best practice. We use structural steel fire protection services to ensure our clients are in full compliance with safety regulations and are conforming to industry best practice. By fireproofing steel beams, the period of resistance can be increased from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

Cranes Installing Steel Fire Protection

Fireproofing Steel

When exposed to high temperatures, intumescent paint increases in size to form a protective char around steel beams, structural columns and other structural elements. The use of intumescent coatings will prevent early structural collapse in the event of a fire which will maximise the time emergency responders have to evacuate buildings safely and extinguish the fire.

When first undertaking a project, we examine a variety of factors, such as basic functionalities, timescales and environmental conditions. Consequently, we have a track record for delivering projects on time, within budget and with high standards of quality.

We can offer various methods of structural steel fire protection, including intumescent spray systems, mineral fibre boards and flexible and rigid board systems.

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Checking Building Regulations For Fireproofing

Rigid Board Fireproofing

Rigid board fireproofing can be installed quickly and easily, is designed to precise measurements and can include decorative finishes. Additionally, it can be put in place during the installation of steel decks and beams whilst also providing thermal and acoustic control. It comes in different thicknesses to meet building regulations and can withstand moisture and humidity without losing its fire-stopping characteristics.

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Structural Steel Fire Protection Installers

Fibre Boards

Here at Adaston, we fit non-combustible, fully tested and third party certificated fibre boards. They are resistant to humidity and impact with their thermal insulation due to heat absorption properties. Durable, with easy installation, fibre boards offer proven performance and robust insulation.

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