Fire Doors

Fire doors are a vital part of any effective passive fire protection system to ensure people are protected in the event of a fire. They work by minimising smoke and flames coming into contact with people in the surrounding area. This placing of physical barriers and fire doors in strategic locations around a building is part of a highly recommended process called fire compartmentation.

Fire Doors


For maximum effectiveness we always use are Fire door installation and maintenance is an integral part of the fire stopping process, which is why we’re pleased to offer it as a core service and are accredited through the FIRAS scheme.


Fire exit doors are another type of fire rated door. Typically, the fire exit doors we install here at Adaston are manufactured with a combination of timber, steel and even aluminium. Some fire doors can have the option to be fitted with windows, which are typically made from borosilicate or ceramic glass to offer a higher fire resistance than standard glass.

To ensure you’ve got highly effective fire exit doors that comply with all laws and regulations, we offer fire door surveys and inspections. We’re accredited by the FIRAS and FDIS scheme, so you can rely on the highly skilled team here at Adaston.

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