Fire Doors

Fire doors are a vital part of any effective passive fire protection system to ensure people are protected in the event of a fire. They work by minimising smoke and flames coming into contact with people in the surrounding area. This creating of physical barriers and fire doors in strategic locations around a building is part of an essential process called fire compartmentation.

Fire Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors are constructed of highly durable materials that work to stop or slow the spread of fire and smoke. Fire door installation and maintenance is an integral part of the fire stopping process, which is why we’re pleased to offer both as a core service, accredited through the IFC scheme. For maximum effectiveness it is highly recommended that fire doors are both certified and installed by accredited professionals.

As passive fire protection experts, Adaston are here to ensure your fire safety systems work effectively and to keep you legally compliant with the latest fire door regulations. Working with some of the UK’s best certified fire rated doors suppliers and with our own team of in-house surveyors and installers, all our work represents industry-leading best practices.

At Adaston, we have extensive experience of fitting fire doors in a diverse array of buildings, from hospitals to student accommodation. Our team of experts offers nationwide installation of fire rated doors across a range of sectors. Contact us today for further information.

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Fire Exit Doors

Fire exit doors are another type of fire rated door, commonly known as an emergency exit door. Typically, the fire exit doors we install at Adaston are manufactured with a combination of timber, steel and even aluminium. Some fire doors can have the option to be fitted with vision panels, which are typically made from borosilicate or ceramic glass to offer a higher fire resistance than standard glass.

In addition to installation, to ensure you’ve got highly effective fire exit doors that comply with all laws and regulations, we also offer fire door surveys and inspections. We’re accredited through IFC, an independent certification provider, who verifies the capability and traceability of all our products and services. This ensures that you can rely on the highly skilled team here at Adaston. Get in touch to discuss your bespoke fire door requirements.

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Our Process

Steps line


Scope of works and deliverables agreed • Full fire strategy of the building provided by the client • Deadlines and timetable agreed, including any out of hours work required



Work as agreed in the scope is coordinated and performed • This will be delivered by our in house firestopping team accredited by IFC and cleared and insured



Finalise and issue our tailored report detailing findings from the scope of works • Adaston advise on next steps if required and provide continued support