New Build
Compliance and Oversight

As part of our consultancy services, we specialise in new build fire regulations, in particular, compliance and oversight at the project’s construction stage. As third party accredited fire safety experts, our role is to clarify the complexities of new build fire regulations and ensure all work is safe and compliant.

In the UK, there are various regulations covering new builds. A thorough understanding of all the relevant laws and documents is essential. It ensures the project is safe and legally compliant from the start, meaning there are no costly alterations to make further down the line.

New Build Fire Regulations

The construction phase of a new build project faces many challenges and legislations. In England and Wales, planners and builders must pay particular attention to Approved Document B, which covers fire safety in and around buildings. The equivalent document for Scotland is the Buildings Regulations.

Laws and regulations around construction and building maintenance have seen significant changes as a result of the Grenfell tragedy and the ensuing enquiries. The Building Safety Act 2022 was granted Royal Assent in April 2022 and is planned to come into effect in October 2023.

As consultants on new build fire regulations, it’s our job to understand all the relevant laws and regulations, so we can advise you on achieving industry standards.

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Our Process

Steps line


Scope of works and deliverables agreed • Full fire strategy of the building provided by the client • Deadlines and timetable agreed, including any out of hours work required



Work as agreed in the scope is coordinated and performed • This will be delivered by our in house firestopping team accredited by IFC and cleared and insured



Finalise and issue our tailored report detailing findings from the scope of works • Adaston advise on next steps if required and provide continued support