A London Hospital Undergoing Refurbishment

Adaston was commissioned to consult on fire stopping measures for a hospital undergoing an extensive refurbishment programme during the COVID pandemic. We implemented our “find and fix” approach, whereby we simultaneously assessed the compliance of current and new passive fire protection and undertook any necessary remediation work.

In order to obtain approval from the Primary Care Trust, the hospital’s fire safety design needed to meet stringent Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) requirements, which go over and above regular fire safety legislation.

Key Points of Interests

  • Key Point Icon Adaston has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and, as such, understands the unique challenges posed by the sector, particularly with live environments.
  • Key Point Icon We were commissioned to undertake a fire stopping survey and complete any identified remedial work on the fire compartmentation line. This included fire door integration, pipes, wires, ducting and damping.
  • Key Point Icon The team worked closely with 18 stakeholders to deliver a bespoke solution that didn’t impart patient care. All work was backed by our third party accreditation and documented to provide the required golden thread of information.
  • Key Point Icon With a focus on ongoing maintenance and remediation, the hospital now has well-maintained systems in place that are both compliant and cost effective.
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An Approach to Minimise Disruption

As the site needed to be ready for patient use each day, our processes were designed to minimise disruption to the live healthcare setting.

The “find and fix” approach does precisely as the name suggests, as there is a surveyor and a team of operatives working simultaneously. The process works as follows:

  • 1. Surveyor inspects the site and highlights any areas of non-compliance digitally
  • 2. Operatives immediately remediate the item and record evidence of the completed work
  • 3. The site supervisor inspects the fix and signs the work off online certifying that it’s fully up to standard and compliant
  • 4. Adaston workers and the client have full access to this information at all times for total transparency and traceability

This working approach delivers a one-time fix solution, which maximises the speed at which work is completed while minimising disruption to staff and patients.

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Unique Challenges and Solutions

The hospital is a four-storey building that’s open to patients 365 days per year. The hospital has a range of facilities covering various patient services. This, combined with patient safety and the extra measures required for COVID, posed sector-specific challenges.

To tackle these challenges, Adaston’s surveying team worked around the ward shifts to minimise the impact on patient care, often working on the premises throughout the night. The team identified areas of non-compliance and immediately rolled out solutions to improve the safety of the building in a time-efficient manner.

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