Mineral Fibre Boards

Mineral fibre boards are designed to provide fire protection for structural steel for up to four hours. It’s extensively installed in commercial buildings, hotels, warehouses, sporting facilities, shopping centres and more throughout the UK.

Mineral fibre boards, for use in interior or semi-exposed locations, can be applied in any temperature or weather conditions, be pre-cut for on-the-job installation and encases structural steel or other materials. Its density and thickness are factory controlled for consistency of application and because it’s lightweight, it adds minimal weight to the structural steel.

Mineral Fibre Boards

Mineral Fibre Board Thicknesses

Mineral fibre board thicknesses can vary according to the fire rating and steel sizes and is available in 20-55 mm board thicknesses with 20 mm boards satisfying all requirements up to 60 minutes fire resistance; 90 minutes resistance can be achieved with maximum 30 mm thickness. Mineral fibre boards are extensively used with a proven track record; it’s easy to handle and conforms to British standards.

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