Passive Fire Protection Installation

Adaston are leading providers of passive fire protection services in the UK. As third-party accredited contractors, our highly experienced team works with clients in various sectors, from healthcare settings to high-rise accommodation blocks, providing effective fire compartmentation services.

Passive fire protection is mandatory in almost all buildings to slow or halt the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire, saving lives and protecting property. At Adaston, we can install new systems, survey existing measures and advise and consult on the best practices for new builds. Our fully qualified in-house team will work with you to create bespoke and fully compliant solutions for your specific requirements.

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Passive Fire Protection System

Whether you need surveys and remediation work on your current passive fire protection system or require advice on a new project, Adaston offers a comprehensive range of services. Our team of specialists ensures all work is fully compliant and adheres to the relevant laws and regulations as well as the latest industry standards and best practices.

With the enhanced focus on rainscreen cladding systems in high-rise buildings, Adaston has worked on multiple projects in this sector. The team is highly skilled in the on-site removal of current cladding systems to undertake a thorough external passive fire protection survey, ensuring all buildings are compliant and occupants’ lives are protected. Our exceptional attention to detail guarantees a solution for a passive fire protection system within any project.

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Our Process

Steps line


Scope of works and deliverables agreed • Full fire strategy of the building provided by the client • Deadlines and timetable agreed



Work as agreed in the scope is coordinated and performed • This will be delivered by our in house team who are experts in their respective field, fully accredited and insured



Finalise and issue our tailored report detailing findings from the scope of works • Adaston provide continued support and advice as required

Fire Protection Being Installed Onto High-rise Building

Passive Fire Safety Solutions

Our team of passive fire protection installation specialists delivers pragmatic solutions for any project. Our in-house team will conduct a comprehensive survey to identify the scope of work required, from fire doors to fire compartmentation. We ensure all installations are installed to the highest standards and quality, are fully compliant and adhere to fire laws and regulations.

When your passive fire protection installation is complete, Adaston can set up a planned preventative maintenance schedule to ensure all systems remain compliant and effective. Compliant passive fire protection actively saves lives, protects property and minimises financial loss in the event of a fire. Contact us today to discuss your passive fire protection needs.

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