Fire Barriers

At Adaston, we can assist by providing a wide range of fire barriers aimed at preventing the spread of fire and smoke by maintaining or improving the fire cavity barriers within buildings

To ensure safety under the current Building and Fire Safety Regulations, all premises have to incorporate into their design and lay-out an adequate means of reducing the risk from fire and smoke to ensure people can escape safely in the event of a fire.

How Do Fire Barriers Work?

How Do Fire Barriers Work?

Fire barriers are an essential feature of passive fire protection: they are used to prevent fires within concealed spaces in buildings from spreading rapidly.

The fire barriers Adaston install have been specially developed to offer easy to install solutions which effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke by using fire cavity barriers within unseen roof and ceiling voids.

They are designed for all application types, such as protecting a means of escape, where insulation (EI) performance is required.

Fire & Smoke Curtains

Fire Curtains

Fire barriers, such as fire curtains (smoke curtains), afford architects with approved means of replacing traditional walls with fire retardant curtains and smoke curtains to create modern, open plan environments. Controlling and containing smoke and fire in corridors, designed to act as escape routes, can be difficult in sports stadiums or hospitals; at Adaston, we’ve developed a range of smoke and fire curtains that allow architects and engineers to protect escape routes whilst allowing for evacuation.

Adaston install a range of fire curtains and smoke curtains to meet the specific needs of buildings designed to receive large numbers of people to ensure fire regulation compliance.

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