Remediation and Project Management

Adaston can project manage and deliver passive fire protection installation and remediation work through its fully accredited, specialist installation teams.
We are one of the leading passive fire protection companies in the United Kingdom with significant experience in delivering fully compliant passive fire protection remediation and installation work.

We have provided remediation solutions to clients in all types of sectors and buildings. The emphasis throughout a project is working in partnership with the client to professionally deliver a quality solution.

Consideration is always given to the building use and users – ensuring the impact of any remedial works on both is minimised as much as possible. A programme of works will be coordinated with all parties before work commences and where necessary will be performed out of hours.
Adaston ensure all operatives are appropriately background checked to work on all types of buildings, including those with vulnerable residents.

Passive fire protection sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety design in buildings. Often a neglected part of the building’s fire protection and installed by non-specialists they are nevertheless vital in maintaining compartmentation and preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Most commonly we find buildings requiring remediation works due to one or more of the following; the incorrect use of products, the incorrect installation and poor workmanship. Consideration should be given when a building has been modified or refurbished, quite frequently insufficient attention is given to the repair of breaches made to fire compartments.

Building Regulations Approved Documents and ASFP guidance documents recognise that the quality of the installation of fire stopping and penetration sealing is crucial to the performance of any fire stop seal. Upon request Adaston will provide quotations for any remediation works that are needed. All installations are covered by our 3rd party accreditation with FIRAS.

Due to our reputation for delivering quality workmanship, knowledge of passive fire protection products and their installation details, we have performed a number of project management roles. This has provided contractors with the additional quality assurance required for practical completion and sign off to their clients.