Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Rainscreen cladding systems consist of outer cladding panels that are attached to a supporting framework of rails and are supported by brackets. Rainscreen cladding systems are an efficient cladding system for construction envelope purposes and is a building solution that perfectly fits into the current sustainable architecture trends if installed correctly.

It is vital to ensure that all aspects of Rainscreen Cladding are installed to meet the fire strategy requirements of a building and will satisfy the requirements of relevant legislation.

Adaston Vans Installing Rainscreen Cladding

Fire Barriers for Rainscreen Cladding Systems

For external wall constructions, such as rainscreen cladding systems, at Adaston, we recognise that cavity fire barriers should be installed on every vertical and horizontal compartment line. These should be specified and installed to meet the fire strategy requirements of the building. The fire barriers should have 3rd party test evidence showing suitability for it’s particular end use, installed in accordance with manufacturers installation requirements and test evidence.

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