Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is the process of preventing and slowing fire spread around the penetrations that pass through a construction, such as pipes, ventilation ducts or cables. Firestop sealant systems are designed to maintain the fire resistance of a building element or section of wall or floor.

Installers Inspecting Buildings Implementing Fire Protection

Firestop Sealant

Adaston inspect building compartments, joints, pipes and cable trays to see if they adhere to rigorous fire safety standards, working with meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge of building compliance. Not only that, we also take into account acoustic ratings and thermal properties, meaning our clients have peace of mind knowing that not only are they implementing effective fire protection solutions but also the correct installation of key structural features.

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Building With Fire Stopping Systems Installed

Fire Penetration Sealing

Third-party specialists, such as M&E engineers, HVAC engineers, plumbers and telecommunications service providers will create penetrations in walls, floors and ceiling voids when making their installations. This often involves the passage of wires, pipes and ventilation ducts through compartment walls or floors.

For critical fire stopping, any openings caused by service penetrations need to be protected using a fire stopping system. The smallest amount of air leakage can clear the way for smoke and, therefore, compromise the compartmentation system. Our team at Adaston installs quality fire stopping systems, helping to contain the spread of fire and cold smoke for building safety and risk management.

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Project Management of Fire Stopping

We look to engage clients as early in the project as possible to help us serve their unique needs. This allows us to submit appropriate timescales, select quality products and deliver market-leading passive fire protection systems on time and on budget.

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