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What is a Fire Door Survey and do I Need One?

What is a Fire Door Survey and do I Need One?

A fire door survey is a bespoke service offered by the experts at Adaston. These inspections are a necessary step for saving lives and protecting property. Fire doors form an integral part of effective compartmentation fire protection and therefore require regular maintenance.

Fire door surveys identify any areas of non-compliance in both new and existing fire doors, allowing building owners and operators to take remedial action. Passive fire protection systems are only as effective as their weakest link, so maintaining your fire doors is essential.

Adaston’s specialists are third-party accredited to conduct in-depth inspections of your property, covering all elements of a fire door and its surrounding frame. 

Are Fire Door Surveys a Legal Requirement?

According to Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order 2005, it’s a legal requirement to have correctly installed and maintained fire doors. They must be fit for purpose, otherwise, the authorities can prosecute or close down buildings that don’t comply. 

Nearly all properties require fire doors, including:

  • Residential apartment blocks
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Healthcare settings
  • All commercial premises


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As one of the leading fire door survey companies, Adaston can advise you on your fire door requirements and ensure your safety is the top priority.  

If you don’t comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005, it could well result in criminal prosecution. We recommend regular inspections by a trained professional to ensure these vital pieces of fire protection remain in good working order.

Why do I Need a Fire Door Survey?

In short, you need a survey to protect life, preserve property and remain legally compliant with building codes. Fire doors are an essential part of compartmentation fire protection, which is designed to limit the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. 

Following the introduction of new legislation in 2006, it is now the responsibility of building owners and operators to ensure their building has adequate fire protection. As fire doors receive constant use, they’re more prone to wear and tear than other types of fire protection, such as fire extinguishers, leading to the need for regular surveys. 

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) found that 75% of fire doors inspected in 2021 failed to meet standards[1]. Along with the increased threat to life and property, failure to comply with legislation could cause insurance policies to be voided in the event of a fire. 

What do you Inspect During a Fire Door Survey?

The specialist team at Adaston inspects every element of a fire door:

  • The door leaf 
  • The frame, including any gaps
  • Any glass and/or glazing
  • Intumescent fire and smoke seals
  • Any ironmongery, such as self-closing devices, hinges, latches, locks etc
  • Relevant signage


We’ll make a note of the door ID and location along with the door rating. All data is captured live and with full client access throughout, helping you to keep on top of planned preventative maintenance and keeping an accurate audit trail of inspections and remedial works.

To learn more about the fire safety services we offer and how we can keep your people and property safe, or to get a quote for a bespoke fire door survey for your building, contact the experts today.

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