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What is the Main Objective of Fire Compartmentation?

The main objective of fire compartmentation is to contain flames and smoke within a specific section of a building and limit their spreading. By doing this, flames and smoke are contained in one area for long enough to ensure safe evacuation from the building and for emergency services to gain access to eliminate the fire.

What is Fire Compartmentation?

Fire compartmentation in buildings is the foundation of effective  passive fire protection. Essentially, fire compartmentation is fire safety at a structural level, using fire-resistant materials like fire doors to divide a building into smaller compartments. This is done in order to limit the spread of fire and smoke.

Why is Fire Compartmentation Important?

The preservation of life is the main priority of fire compartmentation. By limiting the spread of fire and smoke to a single compartment, fire compartmentation protection preserves escape routes and allows occupants to evacuate safely.

With that said, minimising structural, and therefore financial, loss is also a considerable factor for building owners. Fire compartmentation helps to preserve the structural foundations of a building, which reduces the cost of repairs and limits the losses of property inside the building. It also ensures its sustainability and allows emergency services to do their job safely.

The main aims of fire compartmentation are:

  • To preserve life
  • To protect the property 

How Does Fire Compartmentation Protect You?

Fire compartmentation protects the occupants of a building by allowing additional time to evacuate before escape routes are potentially compromised by the spread of flames and smoke. It is an extremely important part of helping preserve lives in the event of a fire.

Fire Compartmentation Services

Fire compartmentation is often built into a building’s construction, but it is possible to add extra measures to enhance fire resistance at a later date. At Adaston, we advise on new and existing measures to ensure buildings are fully compliant, as fire compartmentation is mandatory for compliance with relevant legislation and building insurances.

We provide fire compartmentation services which cover:

No matter the size of the building or industry, Adaston can provide a bespoke plan tailored to individual client requirements, ensuring quality fire door compartmentation and total legislative compliance. Our highly skilled team members are IFC accredited, ensuring they work to industry-leading standards. For complete peace of mind, get in touch with the experts today and keep your building, and its occupants, safe.

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