Millennium Bridge In London

Anti-Barricade and Anti-Ligature Fire Doors

Adaston have recently won a bid to install 42 new Anti-Ligature and Anti-Barricade fire doors in a high-security mental health ward in London.

When planning the construction or refurbishment of any mental health or high dependency establishment, it is essential to eliminate any points or fixtures which can create a point of ligature.

Adaston have experience working in complex and high-security environments.

Adaston are third party accredited through the FDIS scheme to inspect and the FIRAS scheme to restore and install new fire doors and frames. With national coverage, Adaston are highly experienced at working on all types of fire doors including healthcare, multi-storey residential, schools, student accommodation, and mental health.

For more information, please contact Adaston on 01423 700996 or 0161 5112450.

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