Tall Buildings

We know the importance of passive fire protection within the architecture of tall buildings – including new and existing. We provide private landlords and local authorities with complete fire safety services, including evacuation strategies and fire stopping planning.

Case Study: New build hotel, Manchester

Working with the owners and developers of a new 19-storey hotel in Manchester for a major UK hotel group, we acted as fire safety consultants to make sure all fire protection was installed correctly prior to the construction being signed off.

Case Study: Tall Buildings: London

Case Study: Tall Buildings: London

A brand new 28 storey student housing building recently completed in Wembley, London. The building is the tallest modular building in Europe at 29 stories of self-supporting modules. Constructed using the Vision Modular Structures modules In record time for the student intake of September 2017, the building was begun and completed in a twelve month period.