Fire Consultancy

Our fire consultancy services ensure fire safety measures are correct from the start, saving you valuable time and money on remediation work. As industry leaders in all aspects of passive fire protection, our fire consultancy specialists are driven by our values and mission:

Vision: To be the most professional specialist passive fire protection consultants in the UK.
Mission: To protect the integrity of Britain’s buildings and safeguard those who live and work within them.

We’re one of the select contractors holding third party accreditation, ensuring we adhere to a higher level of performance than required by the industry. Therefore, any fire consultancy services you receive are underpinned by quality and the best intentions for your building or business.

Contact the team at Adaston to ensure your building’s passive fire protection is correctly designed, installed and maintained to safeguard the lives of those in it.

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Fire Consultancy Specialists

It’s difficult for decision-makers to understand why passive fire protection measures aren’t compliant, especially with ever-evolving fire safety regulations and legislation. Our fire consultancy services are designed with your needs as the end user in mind. All reports, recommendations and executive summaries clearly identify the issues identified, the priority and the solutions required.

We provide independent third party oversight on all elements of internal passive fire protection, including

  • Fire doors
  • Fire compartmentation
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire remediation services
  • Penetration sealing systems
  • General fire safety advice

The aim is to provide you with clear conclusions in a concise and understandable format. All findings are linked to the relevant laws and regulations with a full explanation of non-conformances and how to remedy them. Our pragmatic fire consultancy services help you to make the correct decisions on all aspects of passive fire protection.

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Our Process

Steps line


Scope of works and deliverables agreed • Full fire strategy of the building provided by the client • Deadlines and timetable agreed, including any out of hours work required



Work as agreed in the scope is coordinated and performed • This will be delivered by our in house firestopping team accredited by IFC and cleared and insured



Finalise and issue our tailored report detailing findings from the scope of works • Adaston advise on next steps if required and provide continued support