Case Study: Student Accommodation: London


The project was for the construction of a 26 storey student accommodation building located in Stratford London. The project consists of 445 rooms, 75 kitchens, common rooms, a café and artist studios. The finished building will be clad in unitized glass and terracotta panels.

We were brought in to inspect the penetration sealing to corridors, risers and inside the cluster apartments. During the survey the following areas of construction were inspected against the original manufacturers specification to identify where products have not been installed to the correct specified detail:

  • Penetrations through compartment walls and floors.​
  • Cable trays, trunking boxes & Fire pillows if access permits.​
  • Fire-rated plasterboard wall and ceiling construction.​
  • Installed pattresses used to seal penetration openings.​
  • Dampers fitted to plasterboard/solid walls and associated ducting.​
  • Fire Rated ducts.​
  • Independent support of penetrations passing through fire-rated compartments.​
  • Fire door sets and associated installed door furniture.
  • Cavity barriers/fire curtains where access permits.​

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