Case Study: New build hotel, Manchester

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Working with the owners and developers of a new 19-storey hotel in Manchester for a major UK hotel group, we acted as fire safety consultants to make sure all fire protection was installed correctly prior to the construction being signed off.


During a complex construction such as a major new hotel, work by multiple contractors on site can compromise the fire strategy of the building. It is therefore vital that passive fire protection checks are carried out whilst work is underway so that issues can be rectified when contractors are still on site.

We carried out regular site visits to check the progress of mechanical and electrical works against the hotel’s fire strategy, design drawings and manufacturer product maintenance manuals.

Our FIRAS trained and accredited inspectors found damage to passive fire protection seals by trades that had carried out subsequent installations. Poor workmanship was identified and it was discovered that some products had not been installed according to the manufacturers’ installation instructions.

Widespread passive fire protection issues were discovered and a meeting was arranged with the installer and manufacturer of the products to discuss the issues on site in more detail and agree a plan to resolve them.


Our specialist fire safety checks identified serious issues with passive fire protection across the site and we were able to provide a detailed report using our traffic light system which identifies high risk (red) issues for immediate attention and other areas be dealt with in the medium to longer term. By organising a meeting between the installer and product manufacturer we were able to secure fast and effective repairs and advise on a strategy for carrying these out, to keep the project on time and budget. Once remediation work was complete we carried out a final survey to approve the works and allow the building to be signed off.

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